Big cleaning

In the long run

In the long run, it is not enough to just keep the surface clean. Once a year, a proper major cleaning may be needed to go deep and freshen up the home. Our general cleaning includes everything that is included in the weekly cleaning, but the steps are more thorough. 

We recommend that it is done approximately twice a year. Often a new assignment begins with a major cleaning, because our experience is that you get more out of your cleaning service then. A major cleaning means, among other things, that we clean behind beds, sofas and other furniture, where dust easily collects. We also clean at height, ie ceiling moldings, on top of cabinets / wardrobes, kitchen doors and high-mounted lamps. In general cleaning, we also spend more time on tiles and joints. In the kitchen we clean the inside of the oven and fan. In other words, we clean in depth and take care of details that are not normally performed in the continuous cleaning.

For the best result we recommend you:

Remove clothes, toys, dishes and more so that we can clean efficiently during ordered hours

We get access to a ladder or similar to get access on the heights

Remove the front of the bathtub

Big cleaning

Price: From 1500 kr (300 kr/hour)

Framkörningsavgit om 300 kr tillkommer vid engångsuppdrag. Denna avgift är ej RUT berättigad.

Storstädning generellt för alla rum:

  • Dammsuger golv, mattor och klädda/stoppade möbler
  • Dammsuger bakom/under möbler
  • Skakar små mattor
  • Moppar golv enligt överenskommelse
  • Torkar av golvlister, dörrar, karmar, kontakter, fönsterbrädor, fria ytor och ytor högt upp, till exempel ovanpå skåp och garderober
  • Putsar speglar
  • Tömmer papperskorgar
  • Dammar möbler och lampor
  • Dammtorkar prydnadssaker, hyllor och tavlor


Badrum och toalett:

  • Rengör badkar/dusch och toalett
  • Torkar utsidan av och ovanpå badrumsskåp
  • Rengör kran, handfat och vägg ovanför
  • Rengör väggar
  • Rengör utsidan av vitvaror
  • Rengöring under badkar (om front finns och går att avlägsna)



  • Torkar av vitvaror och fläkt
  • Rengör in- och utvändigt i skåp där sopbehållare finns
  • Torkar köksluckor och utsidan och ovanpå köksskåp
  • Rengör disk- och köksbänk, spis och kakel
  • Rengör inuti ugn (ej pyrolys ugn) och mikro

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We at Rena Hem want to simplify your everyday life by helping with the continuous cleaning. In addition to weekly cleaning, we offer many other household services in Stockholm such as window cleaning, ironing, washing and gardening service. Everything that can make life easier for you as a customer!

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We at Rena Hem want to create more time for you for other things. Move out cleaning, weekly cleaning, window cleaning and gardening service are some of the services we perform in Stockholm and the surrounding area. 

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